Looking for an Arizona Investment?

The Arizona commercial real estate market is booming. With AZ economies of scale, low taxes and large presence of national companies, it’s one of the top states for commercial investments. If you’d rather broaden your search outside of Arizona, CPI is affiliated with CORFAC International and we have access to commercial real estate investments around the world. Our team works hard to know the commercial real estate market better than anyone.

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What commercial real estate make the best investments?

Not all CRE Investments are equal. Based on your overall needs and goals a proper strategy allows us to pinpoint the right investment for you.

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What is my commercial building worth? 


Our marketing strategy maximizes the value of your property to ensure you’ll reach optimal exposure, generate more offers and achieve maximum value.

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What should I look for if I’m buying a commercial building for my business?

We’ll find out the exact qualifications and requests you’re looking for in your commercial real estate property. From there, our team will do our homework to find the right property to meet your goals.

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